Updated 2/6/15


(new this year) Roaring Run Rumble: 5/30/15

Dash 4 Cash: 6/6/15

Fat Tire Challenge: 6/20/15

Shannock Valley Festival: 7/25/15

Two Mile Run: 8/15/15

Peanut Butter Festival: 9/19/15


Sport Female

1. Mary Beth Rykaceski, 2. Erica Kipanic, 3. Marie Parker

Expert Female

1. Ruth Cunnigham, 2. Hannah Brewer, 3. Jessica Kutz

Sport Males

1. Ryan Johnson, 2. Roy Gryskevich, 3. Brian Halsey, 4. Anthony Steffy,

 5. Brian Irwin, 6. Joe Fraas, 7. Justin Marchiori, 8. Danny Steffy,

9. Michael Maier, 10. Josh Shirley

Expert Male

1. Trevor McCauley, 2. Shane Gouldthread, 3. Robert Lindsay, 4. Joe Fotia,

 5. Don Crissman


Welcome to the 6th annual "Bike The Wilds" Mountain Bike Race Series.  

A few years ago a few of us "mid pack, two wheel geeks" decided to do our part in promoting the great sport of mountain biking.  We came up with the Bike The Wilds series.  We started with three races and have now grown to six.  Each race is unique and has its own race director and course design.  The  series does not dictate course design, distance or race day format to the individual races.  We would describe most of our races as cross country adventure races.   The series simply scores and calculates the results over the six races. (see rules & regs link)   Over the past six years we have encourage riders of all skill levels to attend our races.  We have attempted to make our courses fun and challenging for the weekend warrior, as well as for the Expert rider.   All of our races are NON PROFIT.  All of the proceeds go to First Responders, community parks, and a non profit that promotes mountain biking.  We hope you have enjoyed the series races in the past and continue to race with us. 

Please see the links above for more information on each race & for the rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, email us at bikethewilds@gmail.com we check email daily.

The guys at Full Pint don’t just give out FREE BEER, they also make videos.  Thanks Adam.  Check them out.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJONy0AOBWY,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOM3DFTFxbA,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rpwFcnRFF8,  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=13eard+dash+for+cash

Also, check out TheLimbReaper on youtube for some awesome race videos.

Watch a quick video of the 2012 Fat Tire and Lil fat tire.

Doctor Sprocket's 2012 Fat Tire Challenge Video.  DoctorSprocket

TheLimbReaper's 2012 Dash 4 Cash Video.  TheLimbReaper

Check out Grace Lim-Clark's Blogs:  




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